About Us

America‚Äôs Majority Foundation is the nation’s premier political conservative training association. We are a non-partisan and non-profit organization which is dedicated to helping put in place a truly unique, separate political infrastructure to use during and after the elections. We are trying to increase the constituents of conservative causes via outreach to the groups who have passion for conservative issues. In other words, through the internet, the group focuses on outreach for every voter. Conservative causes include free market economics, free trade, anti-communism, individualism, international anti-totalitarianism¬¨, and morals based on Christian and Jewish scriptures. In 2011, the organization received only almost $50,000 in revenue, although that number they collected bounce back to $90,000 in 2012.

American Majority is committed to support, train, organize, and prepare new conservative leaders. We believe that meaningful and lasting political change should start in state and local levels, where most actual government decisions and spending occurs, not in Washington, DC.

Conservative transparency is an innovative way that can track the flow of money among the donors from advocacy groups and candidates using the interactive database. In this way, people may know the situation or may see where the money goes and where it comes from.

Contributions from private foundations, other nonprofits, individuals, to party committees, political action committees, and federal candidates are based on information and reviews of publicly available forms filed with the internal revenue.

The nonprofit organizations are required by law to report their outgoing grants to the Internal Revenue Service, they do not have to disclose the sources of their funding. As a result, the transactions in Conservative Transparency are based on information reported by the donors.

We hope that with our work and yours we can make a difference. We can train a good person that has the potential and willing to serve our country in a good way.