Q: What is American Majority Organization?
A: American Majority is the premier conservative training foundation which is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization. We are here to continuously train, organize, and prepare new conservative leaders who will soon be candidates in the next election. American Majority believes that in order to have a meaningful and lasting political change in our country, we should start in a state and local levels, not in Washington DC. American Majority is also trying to increase the constituents of conservatives via outreach to groups who have the same passion for conservative issues.

Q: How should I learn?
A: Here in American Majority we will train you by bringing you our kit of educational tools. We offer free guides, presentations, training manuals, videos, and a lot more to help you learn the design specifically for conservative activists and to be a new leader in the country.

Q: Who started the American Majority Foundation?
A: American Majority is founded in 2010 by the son of one the most respected governors in Milwaukee. The most common types of American Majority specifically for those people with interest in politics, people who are willing to train to serve our country or people who are ready to be a conservative activist group.

Q: Can American Majority help federal or Republican candidates?
A: On the federal and republican level, American Majority cannot coordinate nor cooperate to contribute to a federal or Republican candidate in any way. We only train people from states and local levels who are willing to serve the country.

Q: Can American Majority help state candidates?
A: At the state and local levels, yes. As this is our mission since we started the organization. We are committed to train and support them in any way. Through our work, skills, and knowledge, we hope we can make a better country.